Why dirt is good

“”The archetypal link between dirt and guilt, and cleanliness and innocence is built into our language,”” says journalist Katherine Ashenburg.

But Dr. Mary Ruebush counters that with the fact that Western civilization’s obsession with antibacterial soaps and our quest to be clean all the time is actually making us sick.
Why Dirt is Good is a fun look at the plus side of dirt and germs. Complete with cartoons, the book features irreverant yet medically sound advice that illustrates how we can become healthier by exposing ourselves to a bit of dirt and germs. Divided into four parts, the book will explore through text and cartoons:
Part 1
Dirt = good, antibiotics = bad
Part 2
How your immune system really works
How the immune system develops in children
Part 3
What a germ or bug is trying to do to prolong its life in the presence of antibacterials and antibiotics
Part 4
What you can do to make your immune system healthier

Auteur: Mary Ruebush
Verschijningsdatum: januari 2009